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These are the 10 best hotels in Paris for instagram



These are the 10 best hotels in Paris for instagram 1

Are you looking for the best hotels in Paris for instagram? You are going to love this list!

In the Instagram era, experiencing a hotel has taken on a whole new meaning for hotel lovers. It may be that overhead photography of a breakfast or a window view with the caption “I woke up to this” is a cliché. Still, we all “like” the day dreaming they offer.

Paris gives you many opportunities for social media creativity, so I compiled a list of instagram – worthy captures in hotels. Here you are:

Les Bains

The Les Bains Douches is one of the most talked about hotel openings of the previous year. The main reason is its history, since it was a point of reference back in the times of “crazy” fashion parties in the 80s and 90s, or even as early as 1885 when it first opened and became a spot for the bohemians of Paris. This year it reopened, as a hotel, a restaurant and obviously a club. With is atmosphere and decoration, it pays homage to its history with a prominent display of the posters of the live performances from its club years.

Instagram opportunities: The old posters from the club era, the art de la table, the retro reception desk.

Hotel de Vendôme

Housed at a 1800 building which was once the mansion of an aristocrat and later on an embassy, this hotel is situated in the renowned address 1, Place Vendôme. Apart from this ideal location, Hotel de Vendôme boasts a restaurant/ breakfast room which will make every instagrammer’s heart melt. Inspired by the 50s fashion ateliers, it oozes Parisian finesse, decorated with pied-de-poulle sofas and velvet cushions in “Dior grey” tones.

Instagram opportunities: Balconies with stunning view to Place Vendôme, everything inside the elegant restaurant.

Maison Champs Elysées

Μartin Margiela is the man behind the unique experience that the guests of this hotel will enjoy. Among the surprises that await the visitor -and a trademark of the hotel- is the tromp l’oeil wallpapers of the lobby, which create a feeling of playful luxury.

Instagram Opportunities: The tromp l’oeil wallpapers, design surprises in each room, a glass secret garden at the breakfast area.

Hotel Providence Paris

Among the hot new entries in Paris hotelling scene,  Providence Paris boasts these adorable rooms dressed in famous House of Hackney wallpapers and offers postcard views (cobbled stoned roads, and typical parisian roofs included). These are the two first reasons to fall in love with it. You will find many more, though, while staying there.

Instagram opprotunities: The fully equipped cocktail bar found in all types of rooms, the bathtub in the suite (a fetish of every hotel instagrammer), the flea market finds at the lobby, the desserts by La Pâtisserie des Rêves served at the restaurant.

The rooftops of the City of Lights are a favorite cliché and the rooms of San Regis boast a magnificent view to many of those. Some of the rooms also offer a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower.

Instagram opportunities: The elegant hotel features a flowery, aristocratic façade and a lovely restaurant with a glass roof and a french – chic decoration in pistachio hues.

Hotel Costes

The spot of rue Saint-Honoré is a parallel universe, where both famous and common people love to stay or simply pass by its bars for a quick meal or drink and experience its unique atmosphere.

Instagram opportunities: The maximalistic, bohemian design, the red velvet salons and the beautiful atrium of Hotel Costes that remind you of an aristocratic Palazzo are at the disposal of anyone who wouldn’t miss the opportunity of social media exposure but in style.

Ritz Paris

One of the historic hotels of the Paris, the Ritz reopened in June 2016 and became instantly the holy grail of every luxury lover. Fashion events, including the Chanel show for the 2016/17 Métiers d’art collection filled our instagram feed with exquisite shots of the magnificent  hotel, giving us a glimpse of this brave new hotel-world.

Instagram opportunities: The Hemingway bar, the french afternoon tea at the Salon Proust, the majestic staircase, the swimming pool of the Ritz Club, the charming courtyard are among those that can make you create iconic pictures!

Intercontinental Paris Le Grand

Which Paris visitor wouldn’t enjoy a balcony with a 360 view of the city, with the chance for panoramic shots of the city rooftops and the Eifel Tower?  Hotel Le Grand is a huge historic building, facing the Opera , with beautiful lobbies as well as a breakfast hall which is hosted in the equally historic Café de la Paix.

Instagram opportunities: The view from the balconies is a stunner, from all angles, day and night. Breakfast buffets and huge lobbies are great for breakfast, lunch and cocktail pictures.

Le Roch Hotel & Spa

One of the coolest new entries, Le Roch is created by Sarah Lavoine, an interior designer famous for her effortless Parisian style. The hotel is extremely stylish and  gives the visitor the feeling of luxurious coziness, the one you find in cool Parisian apartments.

Instagram opportunities: The color palette of soft pastels and deep dark hues as well as the mix of geometric patterns can be a very interesting creative canvas. for every avid instagrammer. Big libraries full of art books, velvet slouchy sofas and a design fireplace make the lobby extremely photogenic.

Hotel du Petit Moulin

So, this original hotel is situated in the heart of Marais and owes its unique character to fashion designer Christian Lacroix, the man behind the whole (epic) decoration project! As a fashion designer, Lacroix was a master of mix and match, something that is reflected at the eclectic blend that he has created for Hotel du Petit Moulin.

Instagram opportunities: The classic 1900s boulangerie shopfront. All rooms are instagram – worthy since they are packed with colours and patterns, with references to several eras of design.

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