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5 Hacks On How To Book Cheap Hotels In Dubai



5 Hacks On How To Book Cheap Hotels In Dubai 1

It’s a well
known fact that Dubai is a rich and extremely expensive city. According to statistics, the average daily
price for traveling in Dubai is $290. The average price of food for one day is
$45 and the average room price is about $280 per night. As you can see, if you
want to spend even a week in this city, you need a substantial amount of money.

However, high
price isn’t the reason to deny yourself the pleasure of visiting this city. In
this article, we have collected 5 hacks on how to book cheap hotels in Dubai
and therefore save your money. 

#1 Use airline miles to
purchase hotel rooms

Yes, you can use
airline miles or rewards to purchase not only flights but hotel rooms as well.
For example, American Airlines allows its clients to use miles for car rentals
and hotel stays at more than 150,000 properties in over 500 destinations
worldwide. If you don’t have enough miles to book a hotel room, the company
allows you to combine cash and miles, so that you could easily pay for your

Call hotels and ask them for deals

Sometimes big
booking websites offer hotel rooms at a higher price than the
hotels themselves. That’s why, before booking a room online, call or email the
chosen hotel and ask if they can give you any discounts.

At worst, a
manager will repeat the information you’ve already seen on a website. At best,
they’ll offer you a free room upgrade or a price reduction. Most hotels are
ready to provide special services for tourists, who are going to stay long.
Thus, if you want to stay for more than one week in Dubai , asking for a
discount is a must.

#3 Look for last minute or
mystery deals

Another great
way to book cheap hotels in Dubai is using mystery deals.

Here is how it

You go to a
website such as Hotwire and blindly buy a room in a hotel. You see the price,
area and even the reviews of this hotel, but you can’t see its name. It will be
revealed only after payment.

On the one hand,
you buy a pig in a poke. On the other, you have a chance to purchase a luxury
hotel room at a low price. 

Offering mystery
deals is very convenient both for hotel owners and their guests. The former can
sell rooms, which are unpopular with people for some reason. The latter can stay at luxury hotels and get an incredible experience
at large discounts.

#4 Use credit card points to
purchase hotel rooms

Many banks offer
their clients huge bonus points just for spending a certain amount of money
within a specific period of time. As a rule, you can exchange these bonus
points for discounts, promo codes or flights. Besides that, some banks make it
possible to use bonus points for booking and purchasing hotel rooms.

If you like
travelling, I advise you to study carefully the terms and conditions of
different programs and choose the one that can offer you the highest bonus.
After a while, you’ll be able to get flights, tickets and many other things for

Choose another location

The last tip on how to book cheap hotels is
related to the location of your hotel.

You probably
want to live as close to the city centre as possible but it doesn’t always make
sense. As a rule, hotels are very expensive if they’re located downtown. 

If you want to
save some money, it’s better to book hotels placed on the outskirts of the
city. Actually, they don’t have any disadvantages except for “inconvenient”
location but they’re much cheaper. Besides that, living far away from the city
centre helps you learn more about the city and its real life.

Here were 5 tips
on how to book cheap hotels in Dubai. Use them when looking for accommodation
and you’ll definitely save some money.  

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